About us

Quarto North America is a US-based distributor of stainless, nickel, tool steel and specialty steel alloys in plate and bar, servicing the North American Market from their warehouse in Limerick, PA.  We are a division of the Jacquet Group of Companies, with headquarters in Lyon, France.  We carry stock in plate and long products in a variety of standard and specialty grades to serve your requirements.


We have developed a wide range network of mill suppliers to produce and supply all industry standards for US and European specifications.  We have domestic and offshore supply chains to reliably service your metal requirements now and in the future.


We have stock at our warehouse to supply just-in-time requirements in both standards and specialty grades.  We will use our facilities to provide tailor-made supply programs to meet your regular and intermittent supply needs, specializing in programs for special grades and sizes.

Reaction time

Our product specialists are on call to service your needs ASAP.  Our company has no layers of management, and decisions will be made quickly on grade, price, delivery and engineering questions.


We have the engineering knowledge and
facilities to think “outside the box” and provide essential services, products
and information for whatever requirements you may have.